Avon Park Theater

A Vintage Movie Theater Reimagined

On July 30th, 1938, a grand parade was held to celebrate the opening of Avon's newest Park Theater. This new theater replaced the original Park Theater built circa 1912 as a nickelodeon theater. In describing the new theater, manager Clair Meachum proclaimed that "Everything is being arranged not so much for show and ornamentation, but rather for the comfort of the people who are attendant at the shows." The "new" Park Theater would feature seats that were larger and more comfortable than any in Rochester and would also be one of the first theaters in the entire area to have air conditioning.

The Avon Park Theater has been completely renovated and re-imagined as a modern venue for classic and independent movies, live music and entertainment, and a unique venue for your next party, meeting or corporate event!. In the spirit of its founder Clair Meachum, we've arranged it all for the comfort of the people who are attendant at…the Avon Park Theater!

Opening 2021

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